We are always looking for new people to get involved!

Currently, Fairy Dust Arts is run on a voluntary basis. The events are largely funded by the main sponsor Laura Boone. Thus she wants to give special thanks to all her volunteers, without this, this will not be possible.

Please have a look through the list of people we are looking for. If your particular skill or talent sector is not listed, don’t be put off

– if you feel you have something to offer, get in touch!

We are always very grateful for any support which help fund our future productions.

Non-Creative Skills

Arts and Oppotunites for all

Is a new work placment programme. Its aimed to provied volunteers a structued progeamme to help them devlop and gain new skills for their chosen career.

Someof the skills that can be gained our;

Team working



and working on own initive


Due to the restrucutre and the poplaity of the group, we are looking for somone to help set the group up as a offical group in the community.

Creative Skills


Singers, Actors, Dancers

We need performers of all types to get involved with our productions. The can use the experinc eot place on their CV

Film & Showreel

Actors, Script Writers, Producers, Directors and Music Makers, Editors

In particular, if you’ve got the knowledge or experience of HD Camera Operation, or are able to edit using Premier or Sony Vegas software.

Supervise singers and actors and gain some valuable experience.


If you cant donate your time we always looking for iteams to be doanted, such as rehursal space. We are not offical bussiness but a small community arts group that come to gather to create and share a common goal.

We Need You!