Oxage Supporrters

Below we like to say thank you to

our crowd fundraiser supporters;

Paul Ekert - (PEM Vedeo & Photographic services)

Fairy Dust Arts

Rachel Goth Designer

Tania Little Public Relations

Philip Peters Sound Engineer

Anwar Benny, Stephen Musselwhite & Vincent Grieve, James Alexander Lyon, Sev Landon Photographers

Jayne Hall Initial Logo Design

Chris Teathan Script Writer

John Lenihan, Sev LandonFilmography

Amna Sarwar & Becky Sutton Makeup Artists

Clair Moley Production Supervisor

Faye Murray General Organiser

Cate Biggs Events Organiser & Website Redesign

Nick Hillson Sound Engineer

Bianca http://biancaphotography.co.uk

Boima Rogers Marketing www.oxfordmemo.co.uk

Also the following Volunteers:

Carl, Daro Miletic, Eliana, Mathew, Steve Walker, Ashley Curran, Wai Hoong Yee, Sev Landon, Leion Cassel, Madhiya Ahmed, Laura, Hannah Redfern,Moses Hardwick, Neil Anderson, Lydiah Igweh

Companys that has supported us:

The County Print Finishers, Ruskin College , Talent Oxford, The Book House, The Music Box, Indigo, Frog Orange, Pegasus Theatre, Gamekeeper, Bombay Emporium, Shirt Works, Eau De Vie, Almost Random Theatre, www.lyonphotography.co.uk,

Keysi Stage Combat Workshop

Join the fun and fool around with stage combat. Learn how to fight like Batman from the latest trilogy. Keysi Fighting Method is the self defence system adopted by Batman from the trilogy to fight villians and crooks in Gotham City - Now you can have a taste of what it is like to walk in the footsteps of a superhero too.

Awkward Actors: Improvisation Workshop

Improvisation and drama games for both non-actors and actors. If you enjoy this taster, further session are held every wednesday from 7.30pm at the fusion arts centre. Click Awkward Actors for more information.

African Drumming- The Oxford Rythm Centre

Experienced African drumming duo Lukasz and Kim from the Oxford Rhythm Centre along with their colleague Demetrios offer lively African drumming performances and workshops to brighten up any wedding, party, team building event or other function. They also run a regular African drumming workshop for beginners and intermediate/advanced on Mondays in Cowley. . Click The Oxford Rythem Centre for more inforamtion

Yoga, Arts & Crafts, Singing,

Special Thanks

We would like to thank our many supporters

Photo by Vincent Grieve



The Veil Falls Band

The Lunar IncidentBand

The Supernova Heroes Band

Samita Akins Singer

Sophie Singer/Guitarist

Paul Grent Guitarist

Gunnar Lasso Singer/Guitarist

Julie Ann Burrett Singer/Guitarist

Jeremy Hughes Lyricist/Guitarist

Ruth Sloman,Violinist

Mark Robertshaw Pianist/Performer

Kelly Anne YoungSinger & Performer

Shan SriharanSinger/Guitarist, www.moogieman.com


Rawz https://www.facebook.com/realrawz Rapper

All the Clever Lines https://www.facebook.com/allthecleverlines?fref=ts Band

Hannah Bruce https://www.facebook.com/hannahb672?fref=ts Singer/Guitarist

Jonathon O'Neill Stand Up


Other Artists

Kyle Robertshow, Olivia Frazer, Joanne Lindsay, Ashley Curran & Tim Goldman Performing Artists

Cassie, Mel, Dan, Imran Mirza & Jesse Giuliani Actors

Richard & Michael Artists

Laura Matthews & Rachel Drury Dancers