Fairy Dust Arts

What is Fairy Dust Arts?

Fairy Dust Arts, is a voluntary arts group that is non profit and self funded. We work with creative people, from all artistic mediums - actors, artists, writers, muscians, directors and producers. Our strength as a company lies within our networking capacity, artists not only make contacts through working with us but find their experience with our company provides a springboard for other projects - such as music videos, plays and workshops.

Fairy Dust Arts has created a strong and welcoming social presence within the lives of those that have worked with us on projects. We simultaneously welcome new faces while providing support for old friends.

Currently, we are working on a newly written project. Which will be transformed into a sort film

What we do:

What's the difference between falling and flying -fairy dust.

An inexplicable, unexplainable, intangible matter. That touch of something that you can't explain but that you can feel; that takes a moment and transforms it into a memory. The element of the capricious spirit of genius, that raises wherever it settles into the realm of the extraordinary.

This is what Fairy Dust Arts stands for. Working with artists - of all mediums, from all walks life - taking their talent and using it to inject magic into our local community.

What Do We Believe?

We believe that the arts should be available for all, no matter the age, race, religion, ability or experience. Our view is that we should be ‘against the grain’ and a stepping stone into sustaining oneself.

We believe that everyone should get the opportunity to build their confidence and gain valuable experience in a supportive setting, such as taking part in and running workshops, performing and getting involved in productions and other events. Get involved by finding out What's On?

For more information, please take some time to browse through our website. If you have any questions at all, please Get in Touch.

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